Elizabeth Lippman

Production Company: tinygiant
Website: Website

D.C. native Elizabeth Lippman divides herself between Los Angeles and New York. She is the co-creator of the New York Time’s column Life As A Runway. Her stills are featured in Vogue.com, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Marie Claire, ESPN Magazine and many others on regular basis. Elizabeth specializes in bringing a real-life sensibility to her fashion work, which derives from her origins as a news photographer in London, Detroit, Washington D.C. and New York. Her eye for details and her ability to bring out the best of her subjects are some of the key elements of her work whether she is taking photos or directing live action. When she’s not on set or covering Fashion Shows around the world, Elizabeth is busy taking pictures of her stunning looking kids. 
Fun facts about Elizabeth Lippman: her mom’s ancestors once owned the Nantucket Island and she’s been on a date with Mel Brooks.