Elena Rossini

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Elena Rossini is an Italian filmmaker, photographer, producer and editor. Rossini’s work focuses on issues of social justice, media representation, and the empowerment of females. Her most recent film is the critically acclaimed documentary The Illusionists, about the globalization of beauty ideals, which Rossini shot in eight countries, across four continents. The Illusionists was selected by Indiewire as its “Project of the Day” and won the title of “Project of the Week” by popular vote. The film has been featured in dozens of magazines, blogs, radio shows and TV segments – most notably Vogue Italy, New York Magazine, NPR and NBC Baltimore. 
Rossini works as a freelance filmmaker, producer and editor; recent clients include Corriere della Sera, Arte Liveweb, EmLyon and Arklu, maker of Lottie dolls. Since the autumn of 2015, Rossini has been an unofficial ambassador for Lottie dolls, creating films about their empowering dolls – and showcasing them at international conferences.
Rossini is a laureate of the Young Leaders Program by the Council for the United States and Italy.