Christina Hodnet

Production Company: Wild Plum,Go East,Whiskey
Website: Website

Christina Hodnet’s directorial work brings about feelings of honesty and authenticity. Whether it’s the affection of a parent, the bond between friends, or a child’s sense of wonder, Christina’s filmic moments are alive with emotion. Blending her spirit as a woman and a mother, Christina captures the unfiltered interactions and relationships between people of every age. Growing up in Southern California, Christina entered the film industry as a young teen in front of the camera. Those first experiences ignited a passion to pursue a degree in film at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Christina exposes the beautifully awkward and imperfect realities that life offers up, finding the small nuances that make a moment unique. “I’m interested in the moment in between the moments, ” she says. “The photo you delete because it’s not perfect, but in reality is more representational of your life and more charming than the perfect one.”