Basak Erol

Production Company: Blink,Ruffian
Website: Website
Basak Erol is a Turkish American director of Commercials, Fashion films and Music Videos. 
Originally from Istanbul, Basak grew up in a unique mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. She studied English Literature at Istanbul University and moved to California in 2006 to study Communication Design and Media Arts. After finishing her studies, she quickly found herself as the creative coordinator at an A-list production company in Los Angeles. 
In her early years in film production, she worked with Oscar winning directors and producers,  where she learnt the craft of filmmaking. Shortly after, she gained attention for her own work. She was commissioned to write and direct content for MTV, which started her career as a commercial film director. She has worked with clients such as Issey Miyake, Wagamama, Elidor, Killspencer, Active Child and Anne Marie, and created branded content, fashion films, commercials and music videos. 
In recent years, with the empowering nature of her work and personality, she’s been identified with female empowerment. Known for her distinctive visuals and signature look that goes against the pace, her films have been described as explosive, sensual and fearless, a stylized work that makes you “feel”. Her work has been nominated at this year’s ‘Brit’ awards for “Video of the Year”.
Now living and working both in Los Angeles and London, Basak is represented by Blink in UK and Ruffian in US for commercials and music videos.