Azsa West

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Azsa West is an artist, director and award winning creative director with a background in fine art, writing, art direction and music.  She comes from a haunted, little, surfer town in Southern California where she was raised by dolphins, skateboarders, and a graphic designer that believed in aliens. She studied photography and illustration at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and soon after, was hand selected to attend W+K’s bespoke ideas school W+K 12 in Portland, Oregon. Azsa graduated from W+K 12 with an emphasis on ideation, art direction and writing. 

She has exhibited works in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Portland, New York, Brazil, Sydney and in Paris at the Pompidou. A book of her drawings, “Nature Study on Lonesome Island,” was published in 2011. Azsa’s work has been featured in publications such as New York Times, Broadly / Vice, Ad Busters, Nowness, Huffington Post, Creativity, Girls Like Us, Put A Egg On It, CMYK, Good Magazine, Wall Street Journal and Fast Company. 

She frequently collaborates with Paola Morabito and co-directs under the name “Other Animals” with Valentine Freeman. She is currently working on a screenplay about her offbeat childhood in a blue collar surfer town, and an art show about friendship and technology in Sydney with her best friend. Azsa’s work is inspired by her art and advertising background, the internet, relationships, fantasy, queers, and her Native American background. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon with her wife, little boy and a very chubby cat. 

Recent projects include a music video for the 2 Leaves project –Mr. Disco, co-directed with Paola Morabito and a WASO commercial for Shiseido titled Sanctuary co-directed with Tobias Hutzler.