Amara Untermeyer

Production Company: The Work Inc.
Website: Website

Amara Untermeyer is a LA-based documentary filmmaker and commercial director. Her experience ranges from directing investigative documentary projects in Haiti, Indonesia and El Salvador, working with human trafficking survivors and FBI heads, directing Ford commercials, filming outdoor adventure programming for The History Channel, and creating online branding initiatives for the American Youth Foundation and National Center for Healthy Housing. Amara’s sincere dedication to the human condition empowers her subjects, creating a rare level of honesty and intimacy on film. She has been trusted to interview Human Rights Watch “Dictator hunter” (Reed Brody) and was part of The Guardian UK video production crew for the breaking Wikileaks coverage. In 2016, she returned to her home state of Texas to field direct the feature documentary “Generation Found” which chronicles a community’s fight to save their children from a frightening resurgence of drug-related deaths. Amara beat out MTV, NBC News, ABC News and other filmmakers to gain access into this community, and over the course of two years, she spent over nine weeks immersed in America’s largest sober high schools in Houston, TX, capturing the raw essence of teenagers battling addiction and loss on their way to recovery.

Amara’s unique ability to assimilate and adapt to vastly diverse countries, cultures and social situations has allowed her to become a true chameleon as both a director and storyteller in the most varied of environments.

In 2018, Amara will appear in her own adventure documentary series in partnership with Executive Producer Viola Davis. Backed by Davis’ production company, JuVee Productions, and B-17 Entertainment, Untermeyer is also the creator and executive producer of the series.