Basha de Bruijn

Production Company: Pink Rabbit
Website: Website

Basha de Bruijn skipped university and started doing what she loves the most right after high school: making moving images and narratives. At the age of 19, she started directing music videos for various Dutch artists. At the age of 22 she shot her first international commercial.

Her work is often described as dreamy and cinematic. Seeking the beauty in the ordinary and creating atmospheric sets. Her main interest is storytelling and she focuses on real human interaction. Because of her work as an editor, she has a natural feel for pace and rhythm. 

Recently, she directed commercials for Appelsap Fresh Music Festival, Dutch Alzheimer’s Association and ABN AMRO, and won gold at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival for her work as the editor of ‘Blouson Noir’. In 2014, she won the Classical Comeback Awardwith a visual interpretation of Gustav Mahler’s “Adagietto”.